Monumental Industrial Chandelier – American Airlines JFK Airport

The American Airlines Terminal of New York was designed by Eli Jacques Kahn in 1960. The airport was re-named John F. Kennedy Airport after the 1963 death of the revered president. The building, referred to as Terminal 8, was remodeled in 1980, and this fantastic chandelier was installed at that time. The terminal was demolished in 2007 to make way for a larger facility, and the chandeliers were removed from the structure. Phenomenal is a term that hardly describes this unbelievable lamp. Designed by Herb Levine and fabricated by Rombusch, the monumental chandeliers echoed the skeletal industrial look of the terminal’s interior. There are eight separate lamps in the body, casting upward illumination, with hinged covers to service the bulbs. Each “arm” of the fixture appears to be suspended by taut cables, and are decorated with multiple circular bolts. The electrical sockets and wiring are standard, and can be wired into any standard electrical system. The lamp looks fantastic, and is in fine working condition.

Measures: 92″ in diameter, 42″ tall

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