Warren McArthur Art Deco Sofa

Sold! While most 1930's furniture designers focused on bright tubular chrome, Warren McArthur fashioned amazing forms in a satin finished aluminum. His creations were accented by decorative intersecting "knuckles", and stepped caps on the tubes ends. Legs were footed with circular hard rubber elements for a practical and decorative look. Our sofa is an early design from McArthur's New York studio, and is fully original. The frame is in excellent shape and condition, and all rubber feet are intact. The upholstery is also original, but does display wear, and a prominent stain on one arm. We can offer full upholstery in your choice of materials, at an additional charge. We also have a fantastic pair of complimentary McArthur armchairs, from the same estate. Original company tag is still intact on the underside.

Depth: 32″ Length: 81″ Height: 34″ Seat height: 17″