Amazing Electric Mechanical Art Deco Bar


This amazing bar cabinet began its life on a noted American families yacht. When closed, the mahogany cabinet is devoid of all decoration, except a metal rail on the front and a red button on the side. Push the red button, and the cabinet comes alive! The two halves of the box separate, while the bar top and foot rail extend outward. On the backside, a mirror rises up to full height. You are now ready to enter the bar and serve cocktails! The back wall is fully fitted with cabinetry for bottles and glasses. The front side features a stainless steel sink, with water storage above, and a self contained drain pan below. The refrigerator is electrical, with an area for two ice trays. Step out, push the red button again, and it all closes back up! I am confident that this was custom designed and fabricated, as we have never seen or heard of another. The bar extends to 55" opened, with a height of 63". Closed dimensions are below. Refinishing inside and out is an additional cost of $2800 and will take 2-3 weeks.

Dimensions: Width: 55.25″ Depth: 27.75″ Height: 44″

Shipping Available – call or email for a quote. 310-652-1185