6 ft. Art Deco Train General Streamline Model

When introduced in 1933,the General Trains electric train set was meant to duplicate the Union Pacific M 10000. Unfortunately, the toy company was working from early sketches which looked nothing like the finished Union Pacific train. After the initial production of 150 trains, the toy was discontinued. At the same time, Lionel and American Flyer were producing smaller O Gauge sets which dominated the market. Today, this incredible streamliner is certainly the rarest in the marketplace. We have high polished the entire cast aluminum train, added a lighting system, and mounted it onto a black lacquered track. The six foot long set lights from both sides, and is impressive from all angles. The train is the ultimate statement of streamlined futuristic design of the 1930's.

Shipping Available – call or email for a quote. 310-652-1185

Dimensions: 72″ L X 5″ W X 8″ H