Edison Stock Ticker Tape Machine – Original 1920s

SOLD!Edison Stock Ticker Tape Machine. Although Thomas Edison invented everything from the light bulb to the phonograph, his first big breakthrough was the stock ticker. Edison devised a machine that could tap into the telegraph system and transmit current stock market readings instantly. The ticker was such a success, it was in use from it’s birth in 1870 all the way up to the 1950’s.

This is an excellent example retaining it’s original ink tank – a piece that is frequently missing from stock tickers. It is stamped Mfd by T.A Edison, Inc. with the serial number #10529.

In the 1960’s Abercrombie & Fitch purchased a quantity of the now unused Stock Tickers, attached a historical brass plaque and sold them as Executive Christmas gifts. By that time A & F had moved away from being a high end sport outfitter to a fine clothing seller and luxury gift shop.

Measurements: H 14 in. x Diam 8 in.

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