Stylized Modular Mid Century “Navy” Desk – SOLD

SOLD! We have had this desk a few times in the past, and they have often had markings from the US Navy, hence the "Navy desk" moniker. The desk is made in components, each one the same depth and height. Each end is finished with a sloped end cap as a design feature. The cabinets can be interchanged to create a deeper side wall, back wall, or to reverse the direction of the desk. All elements are painted metal, and have been refinished and some recent time. The top of the desk is a grey leather or leather-like material. The removable trim surrounding the desk top allows for the color to be changed, if desired. There is one small (2 inch) gash in the existing top, which will be glued down before delivery. We have shown the desk here with one and two cabinet depths on the side portion.

Desktop width: 80″ Side cabinet width: 87.75″ Height: 30″