Spalding Baseball Fielder Trophy – 1930


In the 1920s and early 1930s, Spalding offered five different extraordinary figural trophies. Sold in Spalding sporting-goods catalogs, these trophies were very expensive in their day. Extremely rare and highly prized by collectors today, they are appreciated as some of the most artistic baseball figural displays ever created. This is the “Fielder” version from the series. It stands 15.5″ tall including the base.

Dieges & Clust, makers of the Heisman Trophy and World Series Press pins & Rings, produced the Spalding Trophies. Our trophy retains it’s original label from Dieges & Clust.

As with the Catcher trophy I have up, this was won by the Honolulu Businessman’s League, in 1930 and this is engraved on the face of the ball on the base.

There is a minor amount of pitting on some of the flat surfaces, but it displays beautifully. The base has been re-lacquered.

Measures: 15.5″ Tall by 11″ Long by 4″ Deep

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