Spalding Baseball Catcher Trophy 1924


In the 1920s and early 1930s, Spalding offered five different extraordinary figural trophies. Sold in Spalding sporting-goods catalogs, these trophies were very expensive in their day. Extremely rare and highly prized by collectors today, they are appreciated as some of the most artistic baseball figural displays ever created. This is the “Catcher” version from the series. It stands 18″ tall including the base.

This one has it’s center plaque engraved for the Honolulu Business Men’s League – 1924. How fantastic to be not only one of the most amazing Baseball collectables but also great for Hawaiiana collectors! Baseball long before Hawaii became a state.

The ball shows some pitting (see closeups), the wood base has been refinished beautifully and the piece displays as well as any I have ever seen. Usher in Baseball season with this fabulous Trophy!

Measures: 18″ Tall by 8″ in diameter.