Native American Wax Sculpture – Francisco Vargas Sr. – Bob Hope Estate

$12,000.00 $6,000.00

50% OFF! Francisco Vargas Sr. (Mexico 1825-1915) immigrated to New Orleans in the 1870s, where he set up a shop on Royal Street. He created a sold very fine and detailed sculptures of beeswax, a relatively “lost art” he had learned as a child in Mexico. The most sought after works of Vargas' are the American Indians, as shown here. Ours came from the recent sale of the estate of entertainer Bob Hope. The work is incredibly detailed, depicting the rider killing a leopard that is attacking his horse. He is obviously a skilled hunter, as his headdress of pelt can attest. There are a few are cracks in the base, but the work displays beautifully overall. The art is set into a case of clear acrylic, with a (mis-spelled) title plaque of the artist.

Dimensions: H 14.5 in. x W 18 in. x D 9.5 in.