Mid-Century Lucite Wall Mural – K. Ystehede – 1971

SOLD! This impressive work was commissioned for the Norwegian ocean liner the “Island Princess” in 1971. Created by Norwegian artist Kristian Ystehede, the work is as impressive for its' scale and execution. The artwork depicts a frigate ship profile, complete with sails, rigging, and sailors. The composition is created on thick acrylic panels, which are doubled over a similar panel, creating a three dimensional effect. There are a total of eight panels, each measuring 31 by 70 inches tall. We have created a painted wood frame for display, and added tubular lights for illumination. The frame is stabile, but meant to be temporary. We can create a custom frame in beautiful woods or metal, at an additional cost, if desired. The panels can also be transported or shipped easily without the framework. The “Island Princess” was used as the ship in the 1977-1986 television series “The Love Boat”. You might come across this treasure in a late night re-run! The Island Princess was ultimately dismantled, and the mural came onto the market, now available to be enjoyed again.

Dimensions: 74 in.H x 128 in.W x 3.50 in.D