Goodyear Tire Sign – 1930s Porcelain Enamel

$6,500.00 $4,550.00

30% OFF! This is the largest of the porcelain enameled signs made for Goodyear Tires. When set end to end without spacing, the sign measures just over 29 feet! Each letter is 31 inches tall, and between 33 to 38 inches wide. The Mercury winged foot measures 76 inches long, and is 27 inches tall. The enameling is in remarkable condition, with only a few minor chips. The sign was actually in place for many years, and completely painted over, which helped preserve and protect the finish. We have shown a few display options, from full length to stacked. The stacked dimensions are listed below. We have seen a number of these wonderful signs over the years, but never in such fine condition.

Dimensions: 94 in.H x 144 in.W x 1 in.D