Delfino – Dolfín Waterkart – Gas Powered Divers Transport Boat

$7,500.00 $4,500.00

SOLD!Made in Italy in the 60s as the Delfino, these were marketed in the US as the Dolfin Waterkart. Shark like in design, they could propel a diver out to a remote reef, eliminating long and tiring swims. And what a design….! Made by the Italian motorcycle company, Mival, the Delfino was sleek, aerodynamic, and stylish. The hollow painted fiberglass body creating a constant float and completely enclosed the hydrojet motor (no external propellors). The motor is untested, but appears to be complete and ready to run! However, as a futuristic sculpture, it is unsurpassed.

Check out this silly 1960s film about the Waterkart on Youtube!

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