Berkel Neon Standing Scale – 1930s

$8,500.00 $5,950.00

30% OFF! In our thirty five years of business, we have only encountered this scale one time. It was sold by us years ago, and we have just re-acquired it again. Since the first sale, we have also found that it is prominently featured in the Robert DeNiro film "Taxi Driver". A poor picture is shown here, but it is very clear in the film. The "Stalite" scale was produced in the 1930's by Berkel, an American company best known for high end meat slicing machines. The scale works accurately without coins, and is in nice original condition. There is natural wear to the standing platform, typical of a scale of this vintage. There is a keyed door in the center, which covers the original coin box. The coin box was probably susceptible to break ins, so the cover was added at some point. The neon is quiet, and emits a soft blue light. The scale plugs in to any standard socket for light, and will work as an unlighted scale without power.

Depth: 24″ Width: 24″ Height: 72″