Art Deco SS Normandie Jean Dunand Signed Photos


Jean Dunand (French 1877-1942) is still considered the finest decorative lacquer artist of all times. His elaborately beautiful images and installations define the French Art Deco movement. Dunand was commissioned to provide lacquered wall panels for the French ocean liner, the SS Normandie. Considered the most glamorous ship of its' day, it launched in 1932. The panels Dunand created were of a masculine theme, showing athletes, horse training, fishing, and wine making. The works measured 20 feet high, and 27 feet wide. To accommodate the grand scale, Dunand had to dig trenches in his studio, and added hydraulic chains to raise and lower the works during the creation. We are offering four original photos of the works, beautifully framed and matted. The works were photographed in Dunand's Les Halles Paris studio by noted photographer Albin Salaun. Each photo has a hand written ink description, and signature by Jean Dunand, the artist. The works represented are La Peche (fishermen), Les Athletes, La Conquete du Cheval (horse training), and Le Vendage (winemaking). As the Normandie was destroyed by fire in 1942, the glory of these works were short lived. This is a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of design history! The listed price is for the group of four, and they will not be offered separately.