Architectural Etched & Gilded Glass Panels

$3,200.00 $1,200.00

Now $1200! With a little ingenuity and imagination, these incredible panels can totally transform a room! The largest can be inserted into a door frame, while the smaller two become complimentary windows. The three panels are the same width, so they could be utilized into an ultra glamorous bar or desk by adding a top surface. Each glass panel is heavily etched and gold leafed, with the smooth surface facing outward, as shown. The glass has been laminated with secondary sheets for strength and safety, most likely in a later retrofit. There are a few edge chips which can be polished to some extent, or concealed behind any framing trim, when installed. All panels are 5/8 inches thick. The smaller two measure 29 3/4″ wide, by 39 1/4″ tall. The largest panel dimensions are listed below.

Dimensions: H 66 in. x W 29.75 in. x D 0.625 in.