Antique Wall Mounted Street Lamp

$600.00 $300.00

50% OFF! A very unusual variation on the pole mounted street lamps. This version is a combination of cast iron, copper, and textured glass. There are two great ceramic fittings that feed the wiring out of the lamp, and add to the industrial look. The previous owner polished a bit of the green patina to expose the copper. It could be completed, or allowed to darken again. There is a mirrored reflector inside the copper, which has a crack. It is not visible, and does not affect the lighting. One of the four latches which holds the shade on is missing, but it secures very well with the three remaining. The socket is a large “mogul” size, but could as easily be standard, with a screw on adapter. The lamp is solid and heavy, and has new wiring.

Dimensions: H 24 in. x W 14 in. x D 20 in.