Airbus A350 Private Jet Display Model

$1,800.00 $1,200.00

ON SALE $1200!The Airbus A-350 was designed in 2004 as the companies answer to the Boeing 787. After a number of design upgrades and innovations, the commercial jet was finally launched in 2013. Our model represents the ultimate luxury jet, with a price tag of 317 million dollars! Can’t afford the real thing? This scale model may be the perfect answer for you. With seating for ten, a conference room, lounge and bedroom, this might be the most luxurious way to fly! The model is made of a painted resin, and is greatly detailed. It mounts to a chrome plated steel stand, and detaches for moving.

Dimensions: 47 inches tall, 35 inches long, 34 inches wide

Shipping Available – call or email for a quote. 310-652-1185