Adult Size Carnival Horse Racing Bike

SOLD! The ultimate carnival amusement ride! Competitors would line up at the starting gate, and actually round the track to win the horse race for prizes. With a “push-pull” of the pedals and handlebars, the rear wheels would be set into motion. The rear section would buck up and down while in motion, and great speeds can be reached. The motion is very smooth, and easy to ride. Best of all, it's really fun to ride! The horse body is cast and painted aluminum. The draped “saddle” is created with three colors of leather. The seat is a motorcycle style, also in leather. There is some areas of wear around the pedal areas, but don't really detract from the overall beauty of the horse. The bike is solid and strong, and displays beautifully. They are quite rare, and we have only found a couple in thirty years of business.

Dimensions: H 48 in. x W 73 in. x D 34 in.