ACCA Shriners Lighted Sign – Original Paint

SOLD! This extraordinary painted sign, which dates back to the 1950’s, hung over the Shriners lodge. The paint has fantastic patina and the sign is illuminated by rows of lightbulbs. The can is painted steel, and self contained electrically. There are two hanging brackets on the top side for wall hanging, and a standard electric plug in cord.

The ACCA Shriners are a branch of the Shriners organization, based in Richmond Virginia. The Shriners were founded as a body of Freemasonry in 1870. The benevolent organization primary function today is to raise funding for children hospitals.

Shipping Available – call or email for a quote. 310-652-1185

Dimensions: H 62 in. x W 48 in. x D 6 in.