3-D Movie Lenticular Lobby Card – Money from Home – Martin & Lewis

A blast from Off the Wall’s past!  When we originally found these lighted  3-D photos in the 1980’s we would demonstrate the 3-D effect by showing how you could hold a pen near the surface of the photo and it would seem as though it was going right into it.

We have recently purchased back several from a client.  Please check out our other listings to see them all.  This one is from “Money from Home”  a 1953 madcap comedy starring Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis.  There are 2 versions from this movie and we have them both.

These fabulous 3-D photos were taken by famous Hollywood photographer Paul Hesse to promote the 3-D films that were all the rage in 1953 -54. The quality of these Lenticular photos were above anything seen at the time.

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Measures: 17.75 H by 14.75 W by 4.75 D

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