Whimsical Painted Mexicana Bar and Stools by Monterey


As the Spanish Revival building craze swept California in the 1930's, the Monterey and Coronado Furniture companies created a "Mexicana" furniture that catered to Hollywood’s interpretation of the Western lifestyle. The more sought after examples are those painted by Mexican cartoonist Juan Intenoche, depicting a stereotypical view of the Tex-Mex lifestyle. Our bar and stools are solid mahogany wood, and painted in the Popular Style. The bar has handles and wheels, allowing it to be easily moved from indoors to the outside patio, or wherever the party moves. The stools are scalloped on the seat fronts, for leg comfort, and are solid and heavy. The original hammered copper ice bowl is intact, and fits into the bar top. This lovely example of early California design will blend easily into many rural or urban environments.

Depth: 19″ Width: 47″ Height: 39″