Waterwitch Art Deco Streamlined Outboard Motor in Polished Condition


The Waterwitch motor, although a short – lived design, signaled the modernization and forward movement for something as humble as a fishing boat. Designed by John Morgan, and produced by Kissel Industries, the Waterwitch motor was sold exclusively through Sears Roebucks stores from 1933-1939. The wartime allotment of aluminum stopped production, and the company and Sears contract were bought out by West Bend Aluminum in the 1940s. The defining feature of the stylized motor was certainly its' matched pair of teardrop tanks, advertised as cutting wind resistance in half! We have highly polished our motor and mounted it to a period Art Deco aluminum rolling stand. It is prominently featured in the books "Machine Age in America 1918-1941", and "American Streamlined Design – The World Of Tomorrow".

Depth: 27″ Width: 27″ Height: 50″