Vintage National Steel Guitar Style O 1930’s


Founded in Los Angeles in 1927, the National String Instrument Corporation set out to make a louder guitar for orchestra musicians. With the unique steel bodies and resonator cones, the instruments were advertised as being seven times louder than their wooden counterparts.
The single cone Style O was decorated in a palm tree motif to capitalize on the Hawaiian music craze of the day. Our guitar, with a serial number of S2084, was produced in 1930. It has been played throughout its life, and shows honest wear of a loved instrument. There are areas of body seam separation at the base on the back side and upper curve back side. There is a professionally repaired crack at the top of the neck, below the headstock. None of these issues affect the tone or playability of the guitar. It has the clear bell-like sound that one would expect from any great pre-war National!

Dimensions: 39” long, 14” wide, 4” deep