Socialist Party Poster “Unite” by Rebel Arts Group, New York, 1936


Founded in New York City in 1934, the Rebel Arts Group was led by Socialist Party officer Samuel Friedman. The Greenwich Village group produced music, plays, and murals protesting the social ills of the day. They also created a small number of printed posters to be used at May Day parades and other events to promote the Popular Front. Artists included Harry Herzog, Fairfield Porter, and Alex Haberstroh. A small group of the original posters, produced between 1936 and 1939, were discovered in the 1960's, when the original Union Poster Service building was sold. The works are quite important historical documents of early Twentieth Century America, when the Socialist movement was at its' strongest, and necessary changes were taking place in the workplace. This particular work is to unite the workers against the company unions. The graphic shows a boss figure dangling a puppet worker in a stylized pose. The medium is silk screened ink over poster board, with a union label stamp added in black ink. The reverse is stamped by Union Sign Service, who produced the poster in the 1930s. The poster shows wear in the four corners and minor edge chipping.

Dimensions: 22 in.H x 28 in.W x .10 in.D