Pair of 1960s Welded Wire “Maze” Sculptures by Guy Pullen


Guy Pullen was a California based artist, with a degree in commercial art. He moved onto Catalina Island, where he ran a hair salon, creating sculptures in his free time. As his sculptures gained an audience, he moved back to the California mainland, where he also created art for motion pictures. He later moved back to Catalina, where he lived until his death in 2010. Our pair of sculptures are Classic Pullen, made of a maze of welded wire in the forms of oil wells. Both have a descending track for the balls to roll down on. Each sculpture is signed with a welded “GUY”. Both are in solid stabile condition, and display very well. The smaller well measures 12 inches tall. The larger well has complete dimensions listed below.

Dimensions: 18 in.H x 10.5 in.W x 10 in.D