Monumental Facial Profile Sculpture on Elaborate Steel and Copper Base


This amazing sculpture seems to have been retrieved from the depths of the ocean, suspended in mid air by heavy chains. The head, by an unknown artist, is a sculpted and glazed ceramic material, resembling carved stone. There is a hallmark stamp by the artist, although illegible. We had a local metal sculpture artist create the complex and unique structure of connected links to support the weight. His steel stand is mounted to a copper covered box which we had been using over the years for various displays. The sculpture can be used with or without the copper box. The head is solid and heavy, and is fitted into steel supports and a top hook to secure it to the framework. It will come out for transport. What appear to be cracks in the face are actually part of the “aged” design. The art is in excellent original condition and displays very well.

Dimensions:62.50 in.H x 24 in.W x 24 in.D