Monumental Art Deco Chandelier from Marigold Ballroom, Fresno CA


The Marigold Ballroom of Fresno California was home to many events since its' opening in the 1930s, but is best remembered as one of the regular stops for the 1960s San Francisco bands. The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin played there numerous times on their West coast tours. The building was later re-purposed, and all the original glamour was removed. This massive chandelier was the centerpiece of the ballrooms lighting scheme. All glass is sandblasted or deeply etched in geometric Art Deco motifs. The framework is painted iron. We have restored the chandelier, freshening some worn areas of paint and re-creating some of the missing glass sections. All of the multiple sockets work well and you can easily light up any ballroom you would like with this beauty! Glass can be removed for safe shipping, if desired.

Diameter: 72″ Height: 77″