Mid Century Aluminum Grand Piano by Rippen, Netherlands


A fantastic instrument cased in a spectacular cabinet! The Rippen aluminum bodied piano was a revolutionary design when introduced in the mid-1950s. They were featured on the Holland America ocean liners and later sold to the public. The tensile strength of the cast aluminum cabinet allowed the profile to be much thinner, while producing a rich and full tone. This piano has been refinished in a satin black body, with complimentary blonde wood tops. The soundboard and keyboard are in terrific condition, with no structural issues. The sound of the piano is quite full and rich, and a real pleasure to play. These iconic instruments are quite rare, having only limited numbers produced. They are the ultimate centerpiece to any modern environment. A complimentary leather refinished bench is also included.

Dimensions: 48 in.H x 73 in.W x 55 in.D