Jet Board Aluminum Motorized 1960’s Surfboard


Produced from 1965 to 1968, the jet board was the design of a former Boeing Aviation engineer. The aluminum surfboard is powered by a 6.25 horsepower Tecumseh engine and jet propulsion system. Air is vented through the front of the board and exhausted through the rear nozzle, creating propulsion to move the board forward. The aluminum body was constructed like an airplane wing at the Sargent Fletcher Company of El Monte, California. The initial financing came through Alfred Bloomingdale, of the department store dynasty. It was said he hated paddling and loved the IDEA of this motorized board. The original cost was $1000, or half the price of a Volkswagen! Because of the rich price tag and limited appeal, only six hundred were produced over the short three year period. One is on permanent display at the California Surf Museum. Ours has a remarkable freshly polished finish and looks amazing. There are a few small dents in the surface. After all, the board had no brakes, and wasn't easy to stop! The board is untested and sold as a decorative item. A new stand is included.

Dimensions: 130″ H by 25″ wide