Hand-Painted Erotic Movie Poster – Cecil Howard’s “Fire Storm” 1984

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50% OFF! Back in the day……before VHS and Betamax tapes, DVD's, and the Internet, there used to be “Triple XXX theaters”. There was a brief, but colorful golden age of erotic films that were shot with full production values for the big screen. Films such as “Behind the Green Door” and “Deep Throat” opened up the market for mainstream erotica, and the theaters attracted large followings, until ultimately being replaced by home viewing. This poster, made for the 1984 film “Fire Storm” was created on painted wood panels with raised lettering and hand tinted photos of the starlets. The film itself was an attempt at creating a “soap opera” theme among its characters and their exploits. The art is really a Pop Art time capsule of a short lived period in film!

Dimensions: H 54 in. x W 67 in. x D 1 in.