Blackhawk Streamlined “Bomb” Toolboxes in Restored Condition


The mother of all bomb toolboxes! We have a few of these over the years, but have never been able to offer the pair together. Created in the 1940s, the Blackhawk tool company created these patriotic bomb shaped boxes. As they would be quite heavy when filled with tools, the boxes were put on solid wheels, to easier roll down the assembly line. We have removed the original worn red paint, and polished and nickel plated both boxes. The wheels and handles are polished solid aluminium, while the bodies are steel. The smaller box measures 22 inches long, and the larger box dimensions are listed below. The ultimate “his and her” lunch boxes, or any decorative use one might imagine.

Dimensions:10.5 in.H x 32 in.W x 8 in.D