Art Deco Lalique Glass Showcase for Los Angeles Oviatt Building, 1928


After James Oviatt, an American clothing retailer, visited the Paris Exposition in 1925, he was strongly moved by the “Moderne” designs, and the glass of Rene Lalique. Oviatt began construction on a 13 story building in Downtown Los Angeles to house his new clothing store, and offices and a personal penthouse at the top. Completed in 1928, the new Oviatt building was designed in the height of Art Deco design, including glassworks by Lalique. The store ultimately closed down, and was later converted to the Rex restaurant, and later Cicada. This wood and glass cabinet originally occupied a corner in the 1920s Oviatt haberdashery. The scale is impressive, as are the luxurious surfaces of grained woods, nickel, and a pearlized floor. Updated glass shelves and lighting have been added. The side panels and sliding glass doors are heavily etched with a repeating graphic design, which also serves to obscure the lighting. The cabinet shows natural wear of time, but displays beautifully overall. This has been in my store for almost 30 years!

Dimensions: 87 in.H x 72 in.W x 29 in.D