Art Deco Blue Mirror Sparton Radio – Walter Dorwin Teague


Among the icons of 20th century design are the cobalt blue mirror radio designs by Walter Dorwin Teague for the Sparks Witherington Company. Introduced in the mid 1930s, the Sparton radios were beautifully crafted and expensive. They certainly were not being marketed to the Depression affected working class! Ours is referred to as the “3 knob”, or the “sled” radio, and it is the Model 557. We have restored the radio, including resilvering of the glass and chrome, lacquering the wood, and bringing the radio to working condition. When turned on, the face illuminates behind the blue glass opening. There is a tight crack in the acetate dial face, a tiny chip on an edge of the top glass, and a few tiny scratches on the top surface. These are hardly noticeable, and do not detract from the beauty of this fantastic radio.

Dimensions: 9 in.H x 17 in.W x 8.5 in.D