Polished Aluminium Valet Scale by Henry De Segur Lauve, 1960


This sleek Aluminum Valet Scale was designed by Henry De Segur Lauve in 1960 for the Fairbanks, Morse and Company in Chicago, and featured in the book “American Streamlined Design”. Shocking that this was not designed in 1930! The stylish streamlined shape was typically painted in an ocher gold finish. Ours has been fully disassembled, stripped and highly polished, and reassembled. The finished look is quite stunning and sophisticated. A hanger is attached to the back side for your coat, while your trousers and pocket trinkets can be stored on the front side. The movement is completely accurate, and an adjustment knob on the side allows for quick re-calculations, if ever necessary.

Dimensions: 45.50 in.H x 20 in.W x 19.50 in.D