1936 MG Race Car Trophy from Blackpool Motor Rally


The Lancashire Automobile Club has been in continuous existence since 1902 in England. In 1936, their MG Club division won the Best Performance award, presented to race driver J. Lucy. The event was the Blackpool Motor Rally, and was presented by Sam Lyon of the Silversmiths of Blackpool. The plaques are sterling silver, and hallmarked. These plaques, and a lovely enameled Blackpool crest, are attached to a black lacquered box with a stepped border. The top of the box is slotted for the four wheels of the race car, which is removable. The car is made of pewter, and opens to reveal a cigarette lighter. There is a push button on the car body side to activate a battery inside to ignite the wick. We have not tried or tested the lighter. The car is beautifully detailed, and is inscribed with the MG logo on the front, and an MG logo on the side, set into a British flag. It is also inscribed “Magic Midget”. The award is a fantastic piece of British automotive history, and displays very well.

Dimensions: H 5.5 in. x W 10.75 in. x D 6.5 in.